Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NAHS Updates

Though I am not sure that many or any of you are checking our blog since its resurrection, I am going to begin to relay news through this venue.

If we are in school tomorrow - Thursday February 10th - we need to have a meeting. However, it might just be better to schedule it for Friday. I will be in a faculty meeting but Leigh will hold court. Each of you needs to have four pieces of work in the house on Friday so that Ms. Lewis can begin preparing the pieces that will require mats. If you are putting in 3-D work we do not need that until we hang the show. The show will go up on either Friday the 18th or Monday the 21st (that's next week guys).

We will set up a template on the PC in room 172 for you to type your labels.

You all need to be preparing for the Induction Ceremony which is on Thursday the 24th 6-7:30ish. You need to begin to make plans to be there. You all need to begin to look for your Artist Quotes to be read at the Ceremony.

We have more applicants than we have ever had! I should have results by Friday. I will send them out a letter which congratulates them and instructs them on bringing in work for the show. YOU Will need to meet with them next Thursday morning (I will not be here) to welcome them and to initiate them with regards to the Induction ceremony. You guys might bring them some refreshments.

Billie Beth needs to begin collecting 3.00 from everyone for annual membership dues

Suns out....looks like school tomorrow

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